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Cold Room & Freezer Floor Repairs

Specialist contractors in the concrete floor and joint repair market in cold and freezer rooms.

Joint Sealing-Joint Edge-Repairs-Spalling Repairs-Concrete Replacement

Joint Resealing

Technical Contracting Solutions has equipment and products that enable us to remove existing sealants, prepare bonding surfaces then prime and install new sealants with minimal disruption to warehouse operations. We can supply a range of sealants from highly flexible to seal the joints from water ingress to semi rigid fillers that can support the fork lift wheels and prevent joint edge spalling.
Spalling Repairs

Spalling repairs from small to large can now be carried out without disruption to operations. Teccon have battery powered equipment so that preparation can be carried out in isolated areas without the need for extension leads and we have products that will cure and take fork lift traffic within 10 minutes.
For food prep areas we can supply and install non tainting repair products.

Concrete Replacement

Teccon has the equipment and expertise to be able to carry out small to large scale concrete replacement of cold and freezer room floors. This process can be achieved either out of hours on weekends or during normal operations. Concrete replacement during normal hours can be achieved by setting up a mobile airtight room that will capture all dust and debris and take up a small area of the room.

We carry out the precasting of our own concrete panels either on or off site so that we can maintain a high standard of strength , surface hardness and curing.

We supply our own fork lifts and our staff are trained and licensed to use them. All lifting gear is certiified for the weight being lifted.
Technical Contracting Solutions can also carry out the following works:

•  Injection of expansive grouts under joint edges / slabs to prevent rocking of    slabs

•  Repairs to structural cracks in the concrete surface

•  Injection of structural cracks for re ? bonding

•  Resin coatings and trowel on floor surfaces

•  Saw cutting and scarifying and grinding of concrete floors

•  Supply and installation of bollards and barriers

Technical Contracting Solutions offer free quotes and measure for all types of work. Please call Brent Gillies on 0414 739 384.
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