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Technical Contracting Solutions
7/129 Robinson Rd.
Geebung QLD 4034

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Coatings & Maintenance of Swimming Pools

  Technical Contracting Solutions P/L also specializes in the structural repairs and upgrades of commercial swimming pools in Brisbane and all areas in Queensland.

We can repair major structural defects, prepare and apply swimming pool coatings, reseal joints, carry out repairs to waterstops, underpin, structures, refurbish concrete structure sand filters, install starter blocks and hand rails etc, retile walls / floors, and upgrade swimming pool concourse areas with slip resistant finishes.

Swimming Pool Concourse Upgrade - we have several different options for the upgrade of the swimming pool concourse including epoxy flake and spray on cement toppings.

We also replace concourse concrete to falls to drains and carry out grinding/scarifying to create falls in existing concrete

Protective Coating - Swimming pool coating including school emblem.

We use both epoxy and chlor rubber based coatings for the protection of the concrete structures and can supply stencils for the application of emblems etc in the pools.
Surface Preperation - by captive shot blast and epoxy prime ready for coating. The captive shot blaster was used on this project to remove approx 12 previous coats of pool paint. The captive shot blast kept the dust to a minimum and gave an excellent profile for bonding of the primer.

The floor is then re profiled with a 2 nd flood coat of primer prior to the coloured coatings being applied.

Concrete Repair
- including the re positioning of the centre bulb waterstop then preparation of the bonding surfaces then placing and finishing of concrete.

Concrete Repair
- to the pool wall, prepared and ready for boxing and placement of repair mortar

Refurbishment of an old sand filter including preparation and epoxy coating of the concrete surfaces, removal of the old pipes and reinstatement of new pipes cast through the wall, epoxy injection of the structural cracks to the walls and installation and sealing of a new lid to the backwash channel
This pool has had several wall tiles replaced, the base of the pool prepared by captive shot blast ready for a new coating and the existing sealant removed from the joints ready for the new coating and sealant.

Cleaning of the wall tiles is underway prior to the new coating installation.