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Concrete Joint Edge Repairs

  Technical Contracting Solutions P/L has extensive experience in both preventative maintenance and repair of construction and saw cut joints in concrete warehouse floors exposed to heavy traffic throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland.

We can provide preventative maintenance jointing systems that will prevent the spalling of the joint edges from the construction stage thus protecting the tenant / owner from expensive repair bills and costly shut downs. We can also carry out the repairs once spalling has occurred with minimum down time using fast curing resins and grouts that can allow for full rebuild of a joint to a trafficable stage in an 8 hour shift.

We supply all of our own concrete cutting and grinding equipment both electric and petrol powered so do not have the need for subcontractors on site. Our dry cutting methods include the use of dust extraction equipment to prevent dust contamination of stock and equipment and also wet cutting and grinding for maximum dust control.
We have experience and systems in place for the repair and maintenance of -
  • Saw cut joints
• Construction joints in conventional reinforced or un reinforced    concrete
• Construction joints in post tensioned concrete
• Void filling and repairs to curling of the joint edges
• Raising of concrete slabs to even the joint heights
• Retro fitting of dowels across joints for load transfer
Replacement of concrete where necessary with high strength fast   cure grouts and concrete that can support traffic in one hour

Photo showing a semi rigid joint repair that was carried out in a high use warehouse in 2006 . The joint is still providing support for the solid wheel loads that are being applied.

The clear coating to the joint is to seal the surface of the concrete after grinding.

We have normal and fast cure products for this application.
Photo showing a joint that has had both edges rebuilt then the centre of the joint treated with a semi rigid filler.

The rebuilding of the edges was due to the extent of the joint edge spalling which was approx 50mm wide.

This form of joint repair can be achieved in an 8 hour shift using high strength fast cure grouts and coatings.
Photo showing a wave plate joint installation. This warehouse has a post tensioned concrete warehouse floor which created wide construction joints between the concrete pours.

The joints had curled at the edges and had created a high impact at the joints. We injected grout into the sub base material to prevent the lateral movement then installed this wave plate system that prevents the fork lift wheels from crossing a straight joint thus removing the impact at the joint.
This photo shows an isolated joint edge repair carried out while the warehouse was in full operation with a resin that was cured and trafficable within 5 minutes.

These repairs are convenient when shut downs are not possible.
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